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It’s okay if you don’t identify as religious, haven’t read the Bible before, or grown up in church. We created this site to help answer your questions about the Bible and inspire you to read the Bible for the first or five-hundredth time.

Because you need hope today, tomorrow, and forever.

So many things call for our attention

Why read the Bible? Why pick up one more book? Because the Bible is a book unlike any other. It claims to be the Word of God. In other words, your Creator has spoken to you. If this is true, wouldn’t you want to find out what he has to say?

In the Bible, God has given us true and lasting hope—hope for every situation, hope sufficient for tomorrow, and hope strong enough to face death fearlessly. It has changed our lives, and we want you to experience it too.

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The Bible Is Revealed 

The Bible is God’s self-disclosure, telling us who he is and what he has done.

The Bible Is Reliable

History, science, and archaeology
confirm the truth of the Bible.

The Bible Is Relevant

The Bible explains life’s pain, our purpose, and God’s plan for all of history.


Discover the Bible
for Yourself

Deciding what Bible to get may seem like a daunting task. Friend, it’s important that you have a copy of God’s Word, so we want to help you find a copy that compliments your lifestyle—Need large print? Need it to fit in your backpack? Love leather?
We are creating a Bible picker to help you find just what you’re looking for. Coming soon!


Discover the Bible
for Yourself

Deciding what Bible to get may seem like a daunting task. Friend, it’s important that you have a copy of God’s Word, so we want to help you find a copy that compliments your lifestyle—Need large print? Need it to fit in your backpack? Love leather?


Where did the Bible come from?

The Bible has a long history because God has been speaking since time began. He used forty men who came from three different continents over the span of 1600 years to tell us the true story of reality from the Creator’s perspective. The 66 books we find in our Bible miraculously tell one unified story.

What’s the difference between

How did we get the 

What’s the history of

the Bible afresh.


Our only agenda is to help you understand what the Bible actually says in a clear, contemporary, and engaging format. 


We carefully curate our content so that we only give you the best Bible resources that honor the authority of the Bible and handle it accurately. 


We tailor your experience on our site to your preferences. We aim to give you Bible resources relevant to your circumstances, needs, and interests.


Discover the meaning
of popular Bible verses.

You may have heard it from a friend, read it on a mug, or seen it tattooed on someone. Why are these Bible verses so precious to so many? Discover these treasures from God's Word, and what they mean in context.

Reintroducing you to hope through a simple journey.

Answer your questions—why the Bible?
Help you get a Bible that's right for you.
Tell you the Bible story and give you tools to read the Bible.
Provide resources to help you better know the Bible.
Encourage you to live the Bible because life happens.



Older is better.

What if the best things are not new, but old? We want you to discover some treasures of the past. We hope you see that truth doesn’t age, and the adventure of discovering God’s Word is a well-trodden road. 



The Bible isn’t just a story. It’s the story behind all others, and God is the Author.

The Bible is not primarily about people, a nation, places, creation, religion, morality, life-advice, self-help, reconciliation, or forgiveness. The Bible is about God: who he is, and what he’s done. 

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You won't journey alone.

May we introduce you to some terms to know, people to meet, treasures to rediscover, books to read, and popular verses?

Because life happens...

Pain is real. Life is hard.
People are complex.

The Bible is honest. In the Bible we can find comfort and hope for the toughest struggles, deepest heartaches, and worst of circumstances.

Why am I so anxious? How do I deal with my anxiety, and is it possible to overcome it?
The Bible paves the way to peace. 

To a society that’s normalized porn, watching it seems like a neutral issue—but is it more serious than we suspect?

When the sadness stays for long seasons and you don’t want to get out of bed—how do you keep going?

You don’t have to walk alone. Learn about three gifts God gives to the lonely heart.


Grief is as natural as the tears that accompany it. Discover how God comforts us in sorrow through his Word.

Some wars aren’t over—but they can be. The Bible holds out hope to you. You can be made whole again.

Are you sick, hospitalized, or suffering from chronic illness? The Bible gives us hope in a powerful and present God.

Divorce is one of the worst hurts you can experience, but there’s comfort and counsel for you in the pages of the Bible.

Written just for you...

The Bible says that it was written “for our instruction… so we might have hope” (Romans 15:4 ESV).
We have written articles to help you understand what the Bible says, what the Bible means,
and how the Bible is relevant to your life—so that you can find hope.

Top Questions About the Bible

What questions do you have?

There is meaning behind all our love, laughter, and longing. We exist for a reason. In the Bible, we discover why.

God’s existence is a fact assumed by the Bible, perceived by our conscience, supported by creation, arguable by reason, and testified to by loads of peoples’ personal experiences.

There are many “faiths” in the world, and many ways we use the word “faith.” Is it “blind,” a “shot in the dark,” or just a fancy word for wishful thinking?

The gospel is the powerful, life-changing message at the heart of the Bible: the good news of great joy about a person named Jesus.

Yes, heaven is real. In fact, it will be more real than anything we have ever known—a new heavens and new earth where sin and death are no more.

Why is it so important to the biblical story and for your life today that Jesus is both God and man?

For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures

we might have hope.

Romans 15:4 ESV

Find your way, know the truth, love life.


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