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How to Overcome Anxiety

The Bible tells many stories about anxious people. If you feel anxious, you will feel at home in the pages of Scripture.

Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, struggled with anxiety (Proverbs 12:25). A notably godly man named David wrote a book of wonderful poems called Psalms, many of them pouring forth from his anxious heart. Even Jesus, the hero of the Bible, felt “greatly troubled” before he went to the cross (John 12:27; Luke 22:44).

God tells us in the opening pages of the Bible where all anxiety began. Anxiety is one symptom of living in a broken world where sin reigns (Genesis 1-3). We experience fear, pain and anxiety because our relationship with God has been broken. Life is not the way it was meant to be.

It is from this broken relationship with God that all the evil and pain come, when God and man parted ways because of mans’ rebellion, sin, suffering, and sorrow entered the world. And now you taste the bitter fruit of the curse every time your heart starts thumping in fearful anticipation.

We can never escape the fearful world we live in. A lot can go wrong, and does, and you can’t escape it all. The God of the Bible understands our anxiety and offers hope to actually overcome our anxiety through a relationship with him.

He wants to be with you and to help you for all your days, no matter how dark or terrifying they may seem. Everyone who has the Lord Jesus reigning in their heart, will have strength and peace that only come from knowing the Prince of Peace—the peace of Christ for this life and forever.

But in this life, we may still experience fear and anxiety. God does not promise that his presence will totally take anxiety away. Rather, he will help us learn to handle it well so that it won’t handle us. We overcome anxiety like we overcome waves—by learning to float on top, rather than coming out of the ocean altogether. God promises to swim right next to us for as long as we’re in the water.