Between Two Worlds

Message Series on the Book of Numbers

In these 38-minute messages, Pastor Josh Parsons walks us through Israel’s 38-year period of wilderness wandering between two worlds—Egypt and the Promised Land. He helps us understand how Numbers challenges us today, how it magnifies the beautiful character of the Lord, and how it points to Jesus.

1. Blessing | Numbers 1-2 

2. Grumbling | Numbers 11

3. Unbelief | Numbers 12-14

4. Failure | Numbers 20

5. Deliverance | Numbers 21

6. Protection | Numbers 22-24

7. Faithfulness | Numbers 26

8. Inheritance | Numbers 27

Pastor Josh Parsons

Pastor Josh Parsons grew up in Minnesota and has been married to his wife, Sarah, since 2010. They have three children, Nora, Quinn and Haddon. Josh has served as the Pastor of The Orchard – Northfield since May 2016. Josh loves Jesus, his church, his family, and super heroes. Pastor Josh and The Orchard generously contributed these sermons for your benefit! 


The Book of Numbers

Every book of the Bible has a unique message and role in the storyline of Scripture. That’s why we have put together a resource page for you on each book of the Bible. Find insights, videos, answers to tough questions, a playlist, a book introduction, and more on our Numbers page.