Wesley on the Christian Life

The Heart Renewed in Love

Author: Fred Sanders
Publisher: Crossway
Genre: Biography
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John Wesley was one of the most important figures behind the founding of modern evangelicalism. From his crucial role in the Great Awakening to his inspiring a renewal movement within the Church of England, Wesley’s historical significance is undeniable and his legacy still challenges us today, regardless of our denominational affiliation or theological perspective. Offering an approachable introduction to Wesley’s life and writings, Fred Sanders invites us to learn from Wesley’s reliance on the Spirit, passion for holiness, and zeal for the gospel in this winsome portrait of an extraordinary Christian leader.

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Reading Level: Intermediate
Wesley thought he was a Christian, until God showed him that knowing God is more than knowing the Bible or being a moral person. To have true faith in Jesus Christ begins with the miracle of conversion God does in our hearts. This may be one of the most valuable lessons from Wesley's life.




Fred Sanders
Fred Sanders (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) is professor of theology at the Torrey Honors College at Biola University. Sanders is the author of The Deep Things of God and blogs at fredfredfred.com.



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