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Message Series on the Book of Exodus

Pastor Drew Hunter walks us through the book of Exodus in this phenomenal 17-part message series. You will get to know God’s character as you listen to these messages, you will discover God’s desire for close relationship with his people, and you will be personally challenged, confronted, and encouraged by God’s Word. You will find that every message in this series enhances your understanding of Exodus but also challenges you personally, and leads you to love and cherish Jesus more. 

1. The Sovereignty of God and the Sanctity of Life | Exodus 1-2

2. Yahweh: The God of the Exodus | Exodus 3-4

3. When It’s Too Hard to Hope | Exodus 5-6

4. The God Who Makes Himself Known | Exodus 7-10

5. The Lamb and the Cure for Gospel Amnesia | Exodus 11-13:16

6. The Exodus Everyone Needs | Exodus 13:17-14:31

7. When Grace Becomes a Song | Exodus 15:1-21 

8. The Deliverance in the Desert | Exodus 15:22-16:36

9. Rock of Ages, Struck for Me | Exodus 17 

10. Leadership and the Mission of the Church | Exodus 18

11. A Mountain of Fire and a Mountain of Grace | Exodus 19-20

12. The Law of Christ and the Christian Life | Exodus 21-23

13. Redemption’s Goal: A Feast with God | Exodus 24

13. The Tabernacle: Echoing Eden and Longing for Home | Exodus 25

14. Israel’s Priesthood and Humanity’s Purpose | Exodus 28-31

15. The Calf and the Cross: The Story of Two Exchanges | Exodus 32

16. What God Is Really Like, and Why We Should Want Him | Exodus 33-34

17. Building the Tabernacle, then Building the Church | Exodus 35-40

Drew Hunter

Pastor Drew Hunter

Drew is the teaching pastor of Zionsville Fellowship. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute and received M.A.s from Wheaton College Graduate School in Biblical Exegesis and Theology. He is the author of Made for FriendshipIsaiah: A 12-Week Study, Matthew: A 12-Week Studyand provided content for Unfolding Grace and Unfolding Grace for KidsBefore coming to Zionsville Fellowship, he served with Grace Church of DuPage in Warrenville, IL. He and his wife, Christina, enjoy raising their four boys. 


The Book of Exodus

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