as a Family

Did you know that for most of history, people heard the Bible, rather than read the Bible? It’s no surprise, then, that all throughout the Bible we are beckoned to listen. Thanks to super creative people and technology, we have the opportunity to hear the Bible at home or on-the-go in many ways! Explore this page to discover several ways that you can listen to the Bible as a family.

Bible listening apps

Audio CD

GT and the Halo Express Musicals

Although it may seem a bit dated, GT and the Halo Express is a phenomenal way to help your kids hear and memorize Scripture. Each CD tells a story about kids going through ordinary life, but when they get into trouble, GT and his Halo Express show up to sing Scripture verses that apply to their situation. 

“In my adult life the Lord will bring to mind tunes from these sweet CD’s just when I need encouragement, exhortation, or even rebuke from his Word!” 
— Editor

Listening App

Patch the Pirate Story and Song Albums

When Ron Hamilton lost his eye to cancer, and started having to wear an eyepatch, God transformed the loss into a great blessing. The Lord gave him and his family a ministry to families around the world as they created Patch the Pirate Story and Song albums. These adventure stories have a musical feel to them, and teach kids to love, trust, and obey God’s Word. The adventures of Patch the Pirate can all be found in the Patch Plus App.