as a Family

You will discover that praying as a family is an easy, joyful, and simple endeavor. You don’t need fancy words, fantastic methods, or even fully engaged kids to become a praying family. You just need enough faith to start talking to God about anything and everything together as a family.


How to Pray as a Family
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In this article, we hope to give you a better idea of how to pray as a family. You will learn how to teach your kids to pray and you will find suggestions for how and what to pray as a family. Know that God delights to hear your voice and the voice of your children, however that happens!

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is the greatest privilege humans have been given. Not only has God spoken, but he offers to listen! Explore this page to learn more about what the Bible says about prayer.


How to Pray?

God cares more about the attitude of our hearts than the words we choose. And he delights when we pray to him! Explore this page to learn how God teaches us to pray to him in his Word. 


Does God Answer Prayer?

Yes, he does—sometimes immediately, sometimes after many years, sometimes in ways we don’t expect, and sometimes after our lifetime. But God would not command and welcome us to pray if he did not intend to do wonderful things with the requests we make of him. Explore this page to learn how God answers prayer.