Family Worship

What is family worship?

Family worship is a natural part of the household culture of anyone who loves Jesus. It includes spontaneous expressions of love for Jesus and daily habits that become part of your family culture.

Why should I read the Bible with my kids?

Reading the Bible with your kids is an act of faith. You are acting on your belief that God’s Word is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12), and that, by God’s Spirit, it can transform your kids’ lives! In this article, you’ll find six motivating reasons to read the Bible with your kids.

What is worship and how does it begin in my home?

So, worship is an expression—whether with our lips or our actions—of genuine love for and delight in God. It may become a habit for us, but all true worship begins in our hearts.  

How do I develop habits of family worship?

Think creatively and intentionally about how to incorporate worship into your home in a way that is joyful, simple, and sustainable so that it becomes a natural part of your family life. Read this article to discover ideas for daily, weekly, and yearly habits of family worship. 

How do I answer tough questions about the Bible?

Your kids will ask questions about the Bible. Some questions will make you laugh. Others will spark delightful or delicate conversations. Here are five places to run to with your tough questions about the Bible. 

How do I teach the Bible to my kids?

Although there are plenty of resources to help you teach the Bible to your kids, we want to encourage you that it’s possible for you to learn from God’s Word as a family with just the Bible. In this article, you’ll find one essential tip to help you begin learning from the Bible as a family.

Should I read sensitive Bible passages with my kids?

We want to give you four reasons to engage with the more sensitive passages of the Bible as a family. We hope you will come to see the value of these portions of the Bible despite their sensitive content, and feel equipped to explore those passages so that you might learn from them.

How young should I start reading the Bible with my kids?

Our answer to how young your kid should be when you begin reading God’s Word with them is younger than you think. We want to offer you some inspiring examples of how families have creatively helped their littlest ones engage with God’s Word, and then offer you a new perspective on reading the Bible with your kids.  

How do I get my kids excited about the Bible?

One way to foster excitement about the Bible in your home is to remind your kids that the Bible isn’t just a book; it’s how we come to know God. Discovering who God is and what he has done for us is an exciting endeavor! In this article, you’ll discover four ways to get your kids excited about the Bible.

How do I get my kids to pay attention when reading the Bible?

Some of your kids’ abilities to focus will grow out of the habit of reading together, so let’s talk about one technique for how to help your kids pay attention during Bible reading—it’s called narration. 

Still have questions?

If you have questions we didn’t answer here, we want to help you find the answers. Contact us directly with your question and we will happily do our best to provide you with an answer! Consider exploring our family worship page.