Five Ways the New Testament Says that Jesus Is God

by Ligon Duncan, quoted from his sermon, "I Believe In Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord"

Let me suggest five ways in which the New Testament confirms the deity of Christ, so that you can check it out for yourself.

  1. First, the New Testament, on at least nine occasions, directly and explicitly asserts the divinity of Jesus Christ.
  2. Second, the New Testament teaches that Jesus is Christ, by ascribing the attributes of God to Jesus.
  3. Third, the New Testament argues for the deity of Christ by applying the names of God in the Old Testament to Jesus Christ. 
  4. Fourth, the New Testament shows that Jesus is divine by applying to Jesus Christ the works and activities that the Old Testament says are only the works and activities of God. 
  5. Finally, the New Testament shows us that Jesus is God by showing, over and over, that nice Jewish boys who knew that you didn't worship anything that wasn't God, fell down on their faces and worshiped Jesus Christ--John and Peter and Paul--who had been reared on the first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me,” and never did it enter their minds that they were in the slightest way breaking the first commandment, but rather fulfilling it to its fullness. 

In all these ways the New Testament makes it clear that Jesus is divine.

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