Susanna's Tombstone Engraving (Epitaph)

In sure and steadfast hope to rise 
And claim her mansion in the skies, 
A Christian here her flesh laid down 
The cross exchanging for a crown. 
True daughter of affliction, she, 
Inured to pain and misery, 
Mourned a long night of griefs and fears, 
A legal night of seventy years: 
The Father then revealed his Son, 
Him in the broken bread made known; 
She knew and felt her sins forgiven, 
And found the earnest of her heaven. 
Meet for the fellowship above, 
She heard the call, ‘Arise, my love,’ 
‘I come,’ her dying looks replied, 
And lamblike, as her Lord, she died. 

Written by her son, Charles Wesley


Susanna Wesley's

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