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The Dreaded “Thou Shalt Not’s”?

Ever heard someone say “Thou Shalt Not” tongue-in-cheek to a person about to get into trouble? They’re quoting the Ten Commandments from the Bible.

Commandments are, by nature, restrictive. No one likes limitations and rules—don’t they ruin the fun? It’s easy to come to the Ten Commandments braced for a kill-joy or guilt trip. This is how many people approach them.

But they’re mistaken, and missing out.

Because people have only paid attention to the restrictions, we have lost the revelation. Yes, a revelation. That’s what the Ten Commandments are. They tell us what we don’t know and need to know.

God wrote them not to embitter us but to enlighten us as to who he is, what he is like, and to the nature of our own hearts.

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