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Meet Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The effects of the Holocaust were catastrophic. Many innocent lives were lost in the onslaught of Hitler’s wake.

One notable casualty was that of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Bonhoeffer was born in 1906 and passed away at the young age of 39 in 1945. His 39 years were very fruitful.

He was a Lutheran pastor who used his biblical theology to unite the church against the Nazi regime.

In 1933 the German Lutheran Church supported the Nazis. Bonhoeffer knew that Nazism was not coherent with Scripture, thus he and other theologians founded the Confessing Church against Nazism.

Bonhoeffer’s actions united the church in the 20th century; furthermore his writings continue to unite believers in the 21st century. Life Together, Ethics, and The Cost of Discipleship are among his critically acclaimed books.

Bonhoeffer’s faith in Christ is evident in his writings despite his terrible circumstances. He was hanged for opposing the Nazi regime.