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We do not personally endorse every church that you will find on the following sites. However, we have found these websites and ministries to be biblically rooted and reliable. They will whittle down the options for you and give you choices for churches to visit. 

by Dr. Ken Ramey and Dr. Richard Caldwell, 14 Min

Five Essential Components of a Church Service

Church leaders who have been committed to seeing the church reformed according to God’s Word down through the ages have had a common method: read the Word, preach the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word, see the Word (in the ordinances--baptism and communion).

Often referred to by theologians as the elements of corporate worship, these five basics are essential to the corporate life, health, and holiness of any local church.

from Mark Dever in his book "The Deliberate Church" | Source
Article: 15 Min

Mark Dever’s
Original Letter
to a Church Plant
on ‘The 9 Marks
of a Healthy Church’

by Mark Dever, contributed to by The Gospel Coalition


Why Do You Go to Church?

Some go to church to take a walk;
some go there to laugh and talk.
Some go there to meet a friend;
some go there their time to spend.
Some go there to meet a lover;
some go there a fault to cover.
Some go there for speculation;
some go there for observation.
Some go there to doze and nod;
the wise go there to worship God.

by Charles Spurgeon | Source