by Collin Hansen and Becky Pippert, 35 Min
Article: 7 Min

Evangelism Is Not a Solo Sport

by G’Joe Joseph at The Gospel Coalition

Article: 12 Min

Connecting Evangelism and Church  

by Jonathan Leeman at 9Marks


Show You the Cross

by Matty Mullins
Messages: 35 Min

A Jihadist
by the
Love of Jesus

by Al Fadi, former Muslim from Saudi Arabia


How to Grow in My Desire to Share About Jesus

When Christ is central in the heart of the man, what does the man want to do? He wants to tell others about Jesus, and he will do so effectively.

Let Jesus Christ be central in the heart of a man, and he is going to be burdened and troubled because millions have never heard of Christ. It is going to disturb him and bring him into action. What he needs is not more exhortation; he needs Christ. And the Christ within him who died for the world will speak through him to that lost world. Without true passion for Christ, nothing works consistently. It loses its power.

by Joseph Carroll | Source

Joy is the
winsome magnet
that draws people in
because it is
the one thing
they do not have.

Author Unknown
Article: 7 Min

4 Ways Christians
Should Share Their
Faith That Are
Actually Effective

How do we share the Gospel in the age of unbelief?

by Matt Chandler at Relevant

Messages: 45 Min

Being on Mission

by Dave Patty


If you knew
how to be saved,
you know how
to tell somebody else how.