The first man [Adam]
sinned and grieved only
for himself, but
the second Man [Jesus]
knew no sin
yet grieved for us
so that we would
not grieve forever.

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Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief

by Paul David Tripp at Family Life

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a Loss

by Nancy Guthrie

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Grief: How Does the Bible Speak to Our Sorrow?

Grief is the natural human emotion to losing something we loved, whether that something was a someone, an experience, or an expectation. It’s always accompanied by tears, and leaves your heart feeling hot and swollen, then cold and numb.

Feelings aside, grief raises one question—a question that seems to taunt us in the midst of our tears. That question is “Why?” Why did this happen? Why me? Why did it have to go this way? “Why…”

Does the Bible give us an answer? Yes, it does. I discovered the wonder of the Bible through the wisdom of its answer. It doesn’t spit out a one-and-done response. The answer is dynamic, real, and personal, spoken by Someone who knows me, and who knows you.

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