Evangelism Is a Loving Warning

by Charles Spurgeon

You came to hear me preach to-day, as you would have gone to the opera or playhouse; you thought I should amuse you. Ah! that is not my aim, God is my witness, I came here solemnly in earnest, to wash my hands of your blood. If you are damned, any one of you, it shall not be because I did not warn you. Men and women, if ye perish, my bands are washed in innocence; I have told you of your doom.

I again cry, repent, repent, repent, for "unless ye repent ye shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:3). I came here determined this morning, if I must use rough words, to use them; to speak right on against men, and for men too; for the things we say against you now are really for your good. We do but warn you, lest you perish.

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