Put first things first
and we get second things thrown in:
put second things first and we lose
both first and second things. 

C.S. Lewis
Article: 1 Min

Putting First Things First

by Dennis J. DeHaan at Our Daily Bread

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The Single-Minded Christian 

by John MacArthur at Grace to You Ministry 

Article: 15 Min

Why Control Doesn’t Solve Worry

by Jonathan K. Dodson at Gospel Centered Discipleship


Set your mind on things above, 
not on earthly things.


Rest assured that God will care for you
 if you make 
his service
your delight.

Article: 30 Min

First Things First

Read a message on Matthew 6:33 given by Charles Spurgeon in 1885


Seek first 
the kingdom of God
and his

Short Content

What Is Matthew 6:33 About?

Matthew 6:33 belongs in the middle of Jesus’ best-known message, the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

In this sermon, Jesus teaches about his heavenly Father, and in this verse, he challenges his listeners: Will you seek first God’s kingdom, trusting that God the Father is gracious and merciful to provide you with everything you need for life on earth?

Everyone has needs. And while at times you may feel that you are alone in those needs, as if nobody else cares, God cares.

And if God cares about your pressing physical needs, then you don’t have to care about them anymore, because he will care for you. Instead, you can pursue the things God cares about. This is what Jesus commands everyone to do in Matthew 6:33.       

He says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33 ESV).

Incredibly, those who seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness learn that their heavenly Father meets all their needs. Jesus commands his listeners three times in this message not to worry. Instead, trust God and seek what he is concerned about. He knows what you need. He will provide for you.

Trusting your heavenly Father rather than worrying, enables you to prioritize your concerns properly. Put another way; if you are not trusting God to provide for you, then you will be running after the things the world has to offer to meet your needs, all the while ignoring God’s kingdom and righteousness, which should be your first priority.

In his message, Jesus notes some ways to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness: spending time in prayer and fasting, giving your resources to those in need, using whatever earthly assets you have to invest in eternal treasures (God, God’s Word, other people). We are all called to seek God’s kingdom, not our own.

Consider your free time in any given month. Is it spent on worldly or heavenly matters? Take an inventory of your life—what do you seek first each morning, when you get home after a long day, and where do you spend your money? You’ll easily see whether or not you prioritize or seek God’s kingdom.

Then ask yourself, do I know God as my heavenly Father, and do I trust him?

by Bibles.net