Bible Reading Plan

A four-year journey through the entire Bible

Created by educators to help your family spend intentional time in God’s Word together during the school year.

The creators of this plan knew that families have limited time together in the evenings, and that kids have limited attention spans. They didn’t want spending time in God’s Word to feel cumbersome. So, they spread out this plan over four academic years, so that the readings stay brief. Although four years may sound like a very long time, if a family sticks with this plan, at the end of four years they will have read through the entire Bible as a family! Since kids are in school for much more than four years, this is a great long-term idea for family worship.  

The Schoolyear Bible Reading Plan is designed for the academic year—a 35-week time frame. It only includes readings for 4-5 days of the week, intended for families to complete on school days. On days when there are only four readings, that gives your family the chance to catch up on missed readings, and gives you freedom to have a night off from family devotions if one of your evenings is especially busy. If you are committed to using this plan, the summer break and holiday break in December provide a great opportunity to study something else with your kids during family worship time.

The plan includes readings from the Bible and discussion questions. These discussion questions are divided into two cycles, so that families can read and discuss one Scripture passage at a time. This plan includes a special feature, occasionally referencing a chapter from The Big Picture Story Bible, so that if parents have pre-school children or younger, they can read the parallel story from this Bible storybook along with the Scriptures they are reading to the older kids. You can use the plan simply by reading the Bible passage and/or Big Picture Storybook Bible excerpt, and then answering the questions as a family.

Get the Plan

We have turned this plan into a PDF, so that families can print it at home. We recommend printing this plan double-sided, and putting it in a three-ring binder. Or, at your local print-shop, you can ask them to spiral bind the plan! If you prefer a digital copy, you can save the one we provide to your phone.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Clapham School in Wheaton for letting us adapt and publish the pdf of this plan.