as a Family

Yes, we advocate for family dance parties. Don’t worry—we will give you the reasons why. We believe movement can be a way of expressing joy, thanks, or praise to God, and can be done in God-honoring ways. May your pursuit of movement draw your family closer together in love and communicate to your kids that you serve the God of joy.  

Is Dancing as a Family
a Good Thing?
8 Minutes | by
Here are a few reasons why dancing is a good thing, and a few ways it can turn into a bad thing, so you know how to keep your movement fun and wholesome in your home.
7 Reasons to Dance as a Family
6 Minutes | by
We want to persuade you to add some joyful movement to times you spend together as a family, so here are seven reasons to motivate you to make dancing part of your home life.



Check out these choreographed dances by talented Christian dance groups. We hope they give you examples of dance done excellently, beautifully, and to the glory of God. Perhaps they will inspire your kids to move their bodies as a form of worship to their own favorite worship music!

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Dance-Along with Lyrics
by CJ & Friends
This is a wonderful YouTube channel, which includes dance tutorials and worship dance-along videos for both young kids and older kids. The dances are fun, modern, and appropriate!
Dance party Playlist

Discover music to inspire you to move as a family and enjoy the joy of the Lord. 

Every Move I Make
by Edgar Sandoval Jr. | Hip-Hop
by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors | Folk