Changed Lives

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works,
so that no one may boast.

Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV

Lives Changed


Before You Explore

Are you 16 or older?

The Bible describes true life-change as a work God does to bring us from darkness to light. The stories on this page, therefore include details about the darkness that people lived in before God brought them into light. So we ask that if you are under 16 years old, you get permission from a parent or guardian before continuing to explore the testimonies on this page. 
Olympiad | Athlete
Sydney McLaughlin’s Olympic hurdling record is nothing in comparison to the love and joy she experiences with Jesus. Listen to how she is fulfilled in Christ and living to be like him.
Video: 3 Min
Hip-Hop | Artist

Trip Lee, aka William Barfield III, produces albums and preaches the Bible while victoriously wrestling through Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Video: 8 Min
Theologian | Pastor

Dr. Joel R. Beeke loves to study God’s Word and share it as a pastor, professor, author, and editor. In fact, he’s authored over a hundred books.

Video: 5 Min
Motocross | Athlete

Trey Canard raced Motocross professonally for ten years, sponsored by Red Bull. Now, he coaches motorcycle for sport and dirt bike racing.

Bible Teacher | Pastor

Matt Chandler preaches truth from the Bible with unforgettable passion and personality, having weathered difficulty in marriage and brain cancer.

Country | Artist

Steven Curtis Chapman is Nashville’s 5 Grammy winning singer-songwriter who came from and raised a family of musicians.

Bible Teacher | Pastor

H.B. Charles Jr. received his call to be a pastor at 17! He’s a wonderful gospel singer, podcaster, and author, always wearing a smile.

Philosopher | Scholar

Dr. William Lane Craig has become one of the leading philosophers to defend the message of hope found in the Bible.

Video: 9 Min
Bible Teacher | Pastor

Mark Dever is known for his extensive study about what the Bible has to say about church, his hospitable spirit, and love for good literature.

Author | Activist

Disability has not held Joni back—she is an incredibly joyous woman who sings, writes books, hosts a radio show, and founded an organization.

Singer-Songwriter | Artist

Josh Garrels might be best know for his hit, “Farther Along.” His music is one-of-a-kind in rich lyric excellence and diversity of sounds.

Surfer | Athlete

Surfer Bethany Hamilton survived a shark attack at 14, which was then widely publicized. She continues to surf professionally.

Hip-Hop | Artist

Jackie Hill-Perry authored, “Gay Girl, Good God,” after encountering Jesus. Jackie is a mom, Bible-teacher, and poet, outstanding in her creativity.

Skateboarding | Athlete

Christian Hosoi met Jesus while in prison, and encountered what he had been hungering for all along. It wasn’t in drugs, alcohol, or professionally skating that Christian found life—it was when he opened the Bible.

Video: 10 Min
Skateboarding | Athlete

The accent will tell you Brian’s from Liverpool, but the passion will hint at the radical transformation this pro-skateboarder experienced.

Broadcaster | Writer

Ernie Johnson you may know from TV—he’s won the Sports Emmy Award six times for his sports broadcasting for the NBA.

Video: 15 Min
Evangelist | Ordinary

Ex-convict associated with red light districts of London, self-proclaimed violent man, and one verse from the Bible changed him forever.

Video: 11 Min
Author | Writer

Eric is known for a few phenomental biographies, and a quick wit that will both make you laugh and think a little harder.

Boxing | Serviceman

Few have led such an action packed life as Chad. Pro MMA champion, and law enforcement officer, spends most of his energy helping U.S. veterans recover from combat.

Bible Teacher | Pastor

Pastor Conrad Mbewe has ministered to his church in Zambia for nearly three decades, and continues to plant churches in the area.

Video: 3 Min
Author | Scholar

J.I. Packer authored one of the greatest books in Christian literature, “Knowing God.” His joyful spirit and gentle character won’t betray his outstanding intelligence and service to the church.

Video: 10 Min
Hip-Hop | Artist

Chris Hulvey grew up in Georgia in a Christian family, and loves the world of hip hop. He seeks to use his talents to help others discover Jesus Christ and know the joy of living for him.  

Bible Teacher | Pastor

John Macarthur has pastored his church for over 50 years, and has written a commentary on the entire New Testament. John MacArthur is beloved for his unflinching commitment to the Word of God.

Video: 2 Min
Missionary | Pastor

David Platt’s passion nearly oozes out of him. You will quickly discover that David’s love for Jesus inspired his desire to reach every nation with God’s Word.

Solo Artist | Artist

Singer Michael O’Brien and his wife Heidi share their story of rescue from a broken marriage, and from pornography addiction.

New Age | Guru

Steven Bancarz once was known online for his New Age Spirituality, and now is known online for something else—the truth about Jesus Christ.

Baseball | Athlete

Blake Russell found God in prison. Upon coming out, he found new purpose in sharing God’s Word with other prisoners and people in need.

Football | Athlete

Wide-receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and now 49ers, Jordan Matthews, builds his life on the Word of God and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Singer-Songwriter | Artist

Phil Wickem’s songs would be better called anthems. He sings with a tangible and triumphant love for Jesus.

Video: 8 Min
Hindu | Guru

Rahil studied to be a Hindu Priest. Though he sought God in other religions, all along the God of the Bible was seeking him.

Worship | Ordinary

John Humphreys lived by drugs, coping with all of life through various subsances, who thought rescue from this lifestyle was impossible.

Former Muslim | Scholar

Nabeel Qureshi grew up in a loving Muslim home. Challenged by a friend at college, he began exploring the claims of the Bible.

Video: 50 Min
Production Designer | Artist

Becket Cook worked with Vogue, did ads for places like L’Oreal and Nike, attended parties with actors from your favorite movies, and succeeded as a gay man—until he found something far better.

Former LGBTQ | Scholar

Christopher Yuan never dreamed of being a Bible professor, speaker, and author, nor of writing a book on a Biblical view of sexuality that would be named 2020’s Book of the Year for Social Issues.

Country | Artist

Few tell stories like Andrew Peterson. His songwriting is rich with biblical allusions and beautiful imagery, as his heart has never grown out of its wonder at all that’s good and true and beautiful.

Video: 17 Min
Drummer and Vocalist | Artist

Jen Ledger is the drummer for the Christian rock band, Skillet. Her new song, “My Arms,” is based on the wonderful truth that God longs for us to run to him in our pain.

Hip-Hop | Artist

Michael Carroll once lived fatherless, behind bars, and filled with shame. But he found the Father, now lives behind the words of the Bible, and is filled with the hope found in the message of Scripture.

Evangelist | Actor

Recognize Kirk? He’s an actor and film producer, featured for example, in the show “Growing Pains,” and the “Left Behind” movies. You’ll quickly see Kirk’s sincerity and contageous joy.

Video: 25 Min
Rock and Roll | Artist

Lacey Sturm’s gentle demeanor will not betray the powerful voice she uses to rock out. Lacey finds her purpose in singing of the love of Jesus to the Rock and Roll community.

Article: 15 Min

Mohd. Saleem

Former Muslim | Ordinary

Mohammed Saleem was a former muslim who went looking for God through and was surprised by what he found.

Article: 10 Min

Jonathan Tjarks

Sportswriter | Writer

God shook Jonathan’s world at an EDM concert, and never left him. Now Jonathan works as a sportswriter.

Article: 10 Min

Colin Smith

Bible Teacher | Pastor

The scottish accent is unforgettable, but what will leave a greater impact on you is the wonderful way Pastor Colin teaches the Bible, bringing clarity to even the most obscure passages.

Article: 15 Min

Burk Parsons

Author | Writer

He was almost a Backstreet Boy. But Burk Parsons willingly traded it in to be a pastor, leading editor in the Christian community, and author.

Article: 25 Min

Aaron Baddeley

Golf | Athlete

Aaron Baddeley is part of the PGA golf tour and hails from Australia.

Article: 10 Min

Rosaria Butterfield

Former LGBTQ | Scholar

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield is even more lovely than her name. Sharp intellect, gentle grace, strong convictions. Lesbian Ivy Leage Professor, now a speaker and author, teaching us what true hospitality looks like.

Article: 10 Min

Paul Tesori

Golf Caddie | Athlete

Paul Testori caddies for the PGA golf tour. Though he grew up around church, he didn’t expect the Bible to be an integral part of his career.

Video: 3 Min
Fishing | Athlete

Al Linder holds his spot in five fishing hall of fame, holds high respect in the view of the fishing community, and in held his Bible tightly as he made an unmatched impact on the sports fishing industry.

Podcast: 10 Minutes
Worship | Artist

Irishman, musician, band leader of “Rend Collective,” and former rugby player, Chris Llewellyn, desires to bring the hope found in the Bible to his home turf.

Podcast: 9 Minutes
Speaker | Comedian

Can Christians have fun? Michael would answer with a resounding yes. His understanding of “funny” changed when God altered the rest of his worldview.

Podcast: 5 Minutes
Author | Pastor

John Piper is one of the most beloved pastors of the 21st century. He’s an avid writer, and is known for helping us understand our purpose—to glorify God by delighting in him.

Podcast: 38 Minutes
Bible Teacher | Pastor

Alistair Begg’s voice is often heard on the radio, and for good reason. His scottish accent and humor engage any listener. This man has faithfully preached the Bible for over 35 years.

Gamer | Ordinary

James is a guy like many others—grew up in the church, loved gaming, was stuck in porn. But he wants to tell you what God did for him.

Author | Counselor

Heath Lambert is a leader in the world of Biblical Counseling, having experienced healing and redemption from abuse and a broken home.

Video: 45 Min
Skateboarding | Athlete

You’ve got to discover “Bible Project,” Tim Mackie’s life work, helping people understand the words, themes, and books of the Bible through excellent short videos.

Mobster | Professional
The Apostle Paul says in 1 Timothy 1:5, “Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst.” Mobster Michael Franzese would agree to that statement, and praise Jesus for it!
Former Muslim | Ordinary
Ahmed grew up in a loving Muslim family, but when his mom gave her life to Jesus Christ, it started him on a new journey. Hear him answer, do Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?
Bible Teacher | Pastor
Martin lived a life of violence, and psychiatrists, prison guards, and therapists found him beyond hope. But Martin testifies that God can do the impossible.
Video: 7 Min
Single Mom | Ordinary

Kateryna is originally from Ukraine. She suffered alot of loss, and lived under a cloud of depression and anxiety. Discover where she finds peace.

Video: 5 Min
Fighter | Athlete

Robert is from Germany, and made his way in his youth by fighting. A warrior in every respect outwardly, he was losing strength inwardly.

Professor | Scientist

Joseph is from the Czech Republic, and has always loved to study how things work. He was convinced religion was silly, until he picked up a Bible.

Singer-Songwriter | Artist

Alisa has always had a song in her heart. The words of Scripture have provided the songs for her soul through terribly severe trials.