Person of Faith

Britt Merrick

Britt Merrick is the lead shaper and designer at Channel Island Surfboards, as well as a phenomenal Bible teacher, who planted and then pastored a church for several years.

Britt Merrick
Britt Merrick

Britt Merrick took up his father's business making surfboards with the family business, Channel Islands Surfboards, but not until after God took him on a detour. 

Britt grew up in a Christian home, but didn't trust Jesus himself until his late teens. When he understood the love that God has shown us through Jesus, he wanted to share that love with others. So Britt began a new chapter of life teaching the Bible to surfers on the beach.  

Those small gatherings turned into a church called Reality that Britt and his wife founded. He served as a pastor at the Reality Church in California for over twenty years, before retiring from being a pastor to return to surfboard shaping. 

Britt and his wife Kate continually testify to the goodness and loving presence of God, despite the incredible difficulty they suffered when their 8-year-old daughter Daisy went to be with Jesus after battling cancer. 

Britt and Kate are a wonderful example of Christian joy even through deep pain. You will find Britt to be a gifted Bible teacher who speaks clearly, compellingly, and compassionately. And you will be inspired by the way their love for Jesus permeates every area of their lives. We believe encountering Britt Merrick and his family will help you learn to enjoy Jesus.


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