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Matt Chandler

Lead pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

Meet Matt Chandler

Matt was born in Seattle, raised in a military family, and has settled in Texas with his wife Lauren and their three kids. Matt battled brain cancer and has preached extensively on marriage and gender roles after experiencing seven especially hard years of marriage.

He’s president of Acts 29, a global organization that helps start new churches. He dynamically preaches truth from the Bible with honesty and humor.


Video: 5 Min
by Matt Chandler at BlazeTV

A guy that I played
high school football with
"Hey I need to
tell you about Jesus.
When do you want to do that?"

Work: Gender and Marriage

Love says: I've seen
the ugly parts of you
and I'm staying.

Video: 6 Min
by Matt and Lauren Chandler
Challenges: Battle with Cancer
Video: 5 Min
Article: 12 Min

One Year After Diagnosis: An Interview with Matt Chandler

by Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition

Video: 62 Min
Video: 3 Min
Article: 12 Min

Don't Waste Your Cancer: An Interview with Matt Chandler

by Matt Chandler at Ligonier Ministries

Select Messages
Messages: 45 Min

Which Jesus?

by Matt Chandler

Messages: 45 Min

He Never Changes

by Matt Chandler

Messages: 47 Min

Examining Fear and Anxiety

by Matt Chandler


Find the things that stir
your affections for Christ
and saturate your life in
them. Find the things
that rob you of that
affection and walk
away from them.

That's the Christian life
as easy as I can
explain it for you.